IBCOL 2023 at DigiQuest Amsterdam

All you need to know to attend the International Blockchain Olympiad Finals in Amsterdam

Event Description

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Get ready to showcase your innovative ideas and projects to industry experts, academics, judges, and other teams worldwide! The finals in Amsterdam will be an exhibition-style event, where nominated teams will have their own designated area to display their digital poster board and videos! This is your chance to highlight your work's technical details, advantages, and potential impact.

Don't miss the opportunity to interact with attendees and make a lasting impression!

Join the competition and be a part of the future of innovation!

📆 15th - 17th November 2023 (Wednesday - Friday)

DigiQuest Amsterdam
A Digital Journey to Our Sustainable Future

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Event Schedule

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IBCOL 2023 Finals
Schedule for Contestants
Amsterdam, Netherlands
(subject to change)

Thursday 16 November 2023
Event venue: Clink Noord
Event schedule:
10:00-14:00 - Workshop: IBCOL P2P Evaluations & Practice
14:00-17:00 - Tour: Social Impact, Sustainability & Innovation

Friday 17 November 2023
Event opening hours for visitors: 08:30 to 20:30
Event host: Frans Reichardt
Event venue: NEMO Science Museum
Event schedule:
08:15-09:00 - Registration (Main Entrance)
08:30-09:00 - Coffee & Tea (Museum Café)
09:00-09:30 - Main Event Opener (Auditorium)
09:30-09:50 - Keynote (Auditorium)
10:00-12:30 - Expo (Museum Café)
10:00-12:30 - Workshops (Theatre & Boardroom)
10:00-12:30 - Recruitment Corner (Museum Café)
12:00-12:30 - Talk show (Auditorium)
12:30-13:30 - Lunch & Networking (Museum Café)
13:30-15:00 - Workshops (Theatre & Boardroom)
14:30-17:30 - Pitch Stage, Award Ceremony, Closing Keynote (Main Stage)
18:00-20:00 - Bites & Drinks, Networking (SkyBar & Serre)

Details: DigiQuest Amsterdam

About Amsterdam

The Final Rounds of the International Blockchain Olympiad (IBCOL Finals) is held in the vibrant city of Amsterdam this year. It is a city of rich culture and history, famous for its beautiful canals, quality museums, vibrant art scene, and abundant history. Amsterdam's leading position in innovation and technology makes it the perfect location for IBCOL Finals.

Visa Requirements

Planning your attendance at IBCOL in Amsterdam this November? It's essential to note that visa requirements may apply. Visa requirements can change! So it's always a good idea to check with the Dutch embassy or consulate in your home country before you travel to Amsterdam. Amsterdam is located in the Netherlands 🇳🇱, which is part of the Schengen Area, a zone of 26 European countries that have abolished passports and other types of border control at their mutual borders. If you're a citizen of a country that is not a member of the European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA), you may need a visa before entering the Schengen Area, including Amsterdam.
Some examples of countries whose citizens need a visa to enter the Netherlands include:

  • AF Afghanistan
  • BD Bangladesh
  • CN China
  • IN India
  • IQ Iraq
  • NG Nigeria
  • PK Pakistan
  • PH The Philippines
  • RU Russia
  • SA Saudi Arabia
  • TR Turkey
  • UA Ukraine

  • Additionally, even if you do not need a visa to enter the Netherlands, you may need to meet other requirements, such as having a valid passport or travel insurance.

    Note there are no travel restrictions related to COVID in Amsterdam. The Government of the Netherlands has decided to lift all travel restrictions related to the Coronavirus: Click Here To Know More!

    To request a Letter of Invitation, please fill in this form here: IBCOL DigiQuest Amsterdam 2023 'Letter of Invitation' Request Form.

    Amsterdam Airport

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    Schiphol Amsterdam Airport is located 17km southwest of central Amsterdam and is easily accessible by train, metro, bus, or taxi.

    The railway station is located directly under the airport, and trains to Amsterdam Central Station run up to 10 times per hour between 06:00- 01:00, with night trains running once an hour between 02:00-05:00.


    Amsterdam Transit

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    The Gemeente Vervoerbedrijf (GVB) network provides maps of Amsterdam's metro/tram/train and bus lines. These lines will help you go around Amsterdam and many other cities!

    Gemeente Vervoerbedrijf (GVB)

    We've negotiated accommodation discount rates for the entire week of the Dutch Blockchain Week and weekend, from November 12th to November 19th, 2023

    Clink Amsterdam Noord Hostel

    Clink Noord is a sustainability oriented hostel in the city centre of Amsterdam and is a brisk 15 min. walk from the venue.

    DigiQuest participants get up to 25% off on flex, semi flex and non refundable rate bookings. For example the non refundable rate has a basic discount is 15% of the Fully Flex rate. With the promo code it’s an additional 10% off, so you will receive 25% discount in total.

    ibis Hotel Schiphol Amsterdam Airport

    ibis Hotel is a 25 min. bus ride away from Amsterdam Central Station + 10 min. walk from the venue.

    DigiQuest participants get up to 25% discount on rooms excluding/including breakfast. IBIS Hotel is an ALLSAFE certified hotel, with convenient location next to nature and close proximity to the city centre.

    CitizenM Schiphol Amsterdam Airport Hotel

    CitizenM Schiphol is a 20 min. train ride away from Amsterdam Central Station + 10 min. walk from the venue.

    DigiQuest participants get up to 20% off a double room. CitizenM is an upscale hotel aimed at Digital Knowmads and upcoming Digipreneurs.

    Experience Amsterdam

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    Tourist Passes and Tickets

    • The GVB webshop offers several different tourist ticket options for visitors to Amsterdam!

    Popular Museums

    • Rijksmuseum: This museum is located in Amsterdam's Museum Square and houses an extensive collection of well-known art treasures.
    • Van Gogh Museum: This museum is dedicated to the life and works of the famous Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. It has the world's largest collection of Van Gogh's paintings and drawings.
    • Stedelijk Museum: This museum is devoted to modern and contemporary art. It is located in Amsterdam's Museum Quarter and is known for its innovative exhibitions and installations.

    Local Markets

    • Albert Cuyp Market: This is Amsterdam's largest and busiest outdoor daily market, named after Albert Cuyp, a 17th-century Dutch painter specializing in landscapes and animals. The market offers various products, including fresh produce, clothing, and street food snacks.
    • IJ-Hallen Flea Market: The largest flea market in Europe, held once a month in a former shipyard in Amsterdam North. It offers various vintage and second-hand items, including clothing, furnishings, and accessories.
    • Waterlooplein Market: This is one of the oldest markets in Amsterdam, dating back to the 19th century. It offers many products, including clothing, antiques, and souvenirs. It is located in the city center.

    Visiting Neighbouring Cities

    • Zaandam is located just north of Amsterdam about 12 minutes by train from the centre. The characteristically Dutch city known worldwide for its beautiful wooden Zaan houses and colored windmills.
    • Utrecht is a charming city located just 35 kilometers (22 miles) southeast of Amsterdam. It is known for its beautiful canals, historic architecture, and vibrant cultural scene.
    • Haarlem is a picturesque city located on the river Spaarne, just 20 kilometers (12 miles) west of Amsterdam. It is known for its cobblestone squares, gabled houses, canalside parks, and bustling global restaurants.